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Welcome to St John's Cathedral

This site is about the beautiful city of Norwich and its fantastic cathedral. This city is full of wonders and well worth visiting. If you are travelling from London, why not stop off on the way to visit the Norfolk Broads or the Fens? As this is one of the flattest parts of the UK, it is perfect for cycling. The Fens is one of the most popular cycling areas in Britain. For television fans, Norwich is the home of radio disc jockey Alan Partidge, as portrayed hilariously by Steve Coogan. He wonders around the ancient city, and here is the site of many of his escapades with his long-suffering assistant Lynne, his Ukranian girlfriend Sonja and good friend Michael. The Cathedral was constructed during the 13th century and is much believed to be one of the finest in East Anglia, if not England. Its spire can be seen for miles around this flat area and it is frequented by hundreds of people daily. Get in touch if you wish to visit St John’s cathedral as we have plenty of tips on how to get there, where to stay, where to eat and what else to do in the area. This is a fan site for St John’s Cathedral in Norwich. We are not affiliated with the cathedral itself. Norwich is a stunning medieval city full of cobbled streets and beautiful ancient buildings. It is also famed for its literature, boasting a rich literary scene and nightlife as well as the University of East Anglia which has a vast alumni of published authors including Ian McEwan and Kazuo Ishiguro. Christianity has a strange relationship with modernity. As with the rest of the Good Book, there are many views that we might apply to our text. We could look at Pharaoh’s revolution in the face of a miracle. We could examine this text as the start of the conflict that will develop over the next chapters and see the significance of Aaron’s serpent swallowing up the others. We could even examine the developing obedience and bravery of Moses. But I’d like to look at our text from a different perspective, a perspective that starts with a question. The question that I would like to ask of the text is not a big one, but I believe – and hope – that it will raise some more questions for you to ponder. My question is this. How did it happen? How did Moses and Aaron, and the Egyptian sages change their staffs into serpents? Let’s begin with this question and see what the Spirit has to say. In any of the UK’s churches, these questions can be asked. Why not ask them in Norwich’s beautiful St John’s cathedral in the city centre?